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My name is Breanne. I love to chat on the phone with very interesting people because I am very interesting lady(unique physical feature wise). I am a playful phone princess who loves to play on the phone with funloving people,those with dreams and fantasies,or ones who just want to chat. For those who know who I am,I am blogging to touch base with my callers and keep them updated on anything new or exciting in my life. For those who don't know me, you can check me out at my homepage. FYI, I love being pampered and spoiled by men who love to be suckered and used little sissies. On the other hand, I love chatting to form friendships or phone pals with regular men that are lonely, single, married, or just curious about being with a shemale. I'll chat with you, answer any questions, listen to any fantasies of yours and even roleplay them. HOWEVER, I do not meet someone online in person that I don't know just because they seek a real live encounter. I'm not for that. There are plenty of Tranny call girl sites and this is not one of them. Please don't ask. I don't know you and you don't know me. It takes a lot of time to get to know someone,especially over the phone.

Welcome To My Blog

My name is Breanne. I have created a blog to post new things in my life that I would like to share, whether it is something exciting that happened to me, new Pics that I have added to My Flirt Store, even some hot erotic stories that I plan to add their too.

For those of you who have spoken to me on the phone through NF, then you know I am a kinky Shemale. My listings tell in detail what I am into. It's all gooood and it's all fun! A lot of my callers are very exciting to me and we have some hot and heavy role plays.I also would like to randomly post any feelings or challenges I my have in my life, sort of like a diary, but a public one for all my hotties to see.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wind up toys are not the "thing of the past" anymore

When you were a little kid, did you use to play with wind up toys? I sure did.
But before my time, kids used to play with toy soldiers. Just wind them up, and watch them march!
Oh the laughter..
Oh the fun....

Now you've grown up and don't play with little wind up toys. However, you should relive your happy moments with a wind up toy perfect for adults-that is if you love Trannys.

Or you may know a tranny or tranny lover that would enjoy this toy. It is the perfect little inexpensive gag gift and
watch the laughter!
enjoy the fun!

Keep away from children as they may think it is a wind up child's toy and be very curious

This is  a  funny wind up toy of a Tranny
 I'm Mia Isabella : I have a BIG SECRET & I want to share it with you!"

Click to check it out for more jnfo

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Just a reminder OR to let you know what I'm all about

I have been a very busy Shemale. I'm always on the go and masterbate a lot on my free time. For those who do not have a NF account and love to talk to me on the phone and have some hot fun, let me know. Please keep in mind that my time is valuable and I don't do freebies. I only give free minutes to my frequent fucks (on the phone). If you want to contact me and you are not on NF, there are ways to pay me for services rendered. Anyone who wants to talk to me in the near future, I suggest they get a prepaid online checking account. It is safe, secure, and confidential. If you have a snoopy S/O  who checks the credit card statements like a hawk, this is the opportunity to have a secret online account  ALL TO YOURSELF but hide that card in a good place!
I have the same card, an Account Now omline account, so if you want some erotic fun on the phone. I would get one now: https://www.accountnow.com/secure/shortapp.aspx?promocode=EZcard .If you want to join Niteflirt, I have the number. You don't have to compensate me only with the Account now card. I take online Amazon gift cards too. My email address is Shebree@gmail.com, which you will need to put that info to send one to me. Or you can surprise me out of the blue and send me a gift card at any time!!!!!! All tips are appreciated and I love them sugerdaddies and PayPig Cash Whores. I love the opportunity to rape your wallet by you sending me some $$$$ on a gift card several times. That is for the worthless pay sluts that need to be used...no offense to the other kinds of callers.
I welcome all kinds of fetishes and have to taboos. Feel free to email me at anytime if you want to arrange a call!!!! Either through the above Email address or Niteflirt's. If you have any special request, email me. I'm going to start selling sexy items. I don't have any on my Niteflirt store yet, but if you want anything special, let me know and I may be able to find you that "perfect gift"
I also will chat online but that works the same way as phonesex. Although, it may be cheaper it is not for free. I have had many guys try to take advantage by IM'ng me with 20 min. small talk and then want to talk dirty...no..no..sorry. I charge $1.00 a min and I have a $5.00 minimum, meaning, you don't get my yahoo id, unless you plan on paying for a 5 minute chat. If you plan on more, pay more. One exception, if you are a NF customer, it will me slightly a little more a minute to offset the % they take out. It is better to get that credit card or pay by gift card. I'm not knocking Niteflirt by any means. I encourage anyone who isn't on it to join. It is easier and there are lot's of sexy meat out there.
I have a lot of sexy pictures of my naked sexual parts for sale on my Niteflirt site, but I will be adding a sample from time to time on this blog, so watch for it because there is nothing that will be covered up on the sample pic. From a titty shot, an asshole kiss, or a cock shot to anything bigger or better, I will post a couple....to tease you!!!...ha! ha! ha!
Treat me right and I'll make your night!