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My name is Breanne. I love to chat on the phone with very interesting people because I am very interesting lady(unique physical feature wise). I am a playful phone princess who loves to play on the phone with funloving people,those with dreams and fantasies,or ones who just want to chat. For those who know who I am,I am blogging to touch base with my callers and keep them updated on anything new or exciting in my life. For those who don't know me, you can check me out at my homepage. FYI, I love being pampered and spoiled by men who love to be suckered and used little sissies. On the other hand, I love chatting to form friendships or phone pals with regular men that are lonely, single, married, or just curious about being with a shemale. I'll chat with you, answer any questions, listen to any fantasies of yours and even roleplay them. HOWEVER, I do not meet someone online in person that I don't know just because they seek a real live encounter. I'm not for that. There are plenty of Tranny call girl sites and this is not one of them. Please don't ask. I don't know you and you don't know me. It takes a lot of time to get to know someone,especially over the phone.

Welcome To My Blog

My name is Breanne. I have created a blog to post new things in my life that I would like to share, whether it is something exciting that happened to me, new Pics that I have added to My Flirt Store, even some hot erotic stories that I plan to add their too.

For those of you who have spoken to me on the phone through NF, then you know I am a kinky Shemale. My listings tell in detail what I am into. It's all gooood and it's all fun! A lot of my callers are very exciting to me and we have some hot and heavy role plays.I also would like to randomly post any feelings or challenges I my have in my life, sort of like a diary, but a public one for all my hotties to see.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Seasons Greetings!

Merry X-mas and Happy Holidays! What can my gift be to you?

Have you been good for Santa? I sure have. What do you deserve? How about my big cock?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

October's Here!

 October is a already here, my friends. Anyone thinking of that perfect Halloween costume? Why don't you sissy boys or otherwise curious fellows dress up as a woman. Wear something really sexy and see how many guys you can "Trick". 
   If they are into men, you can give them a real "Treat".   Needless  to say, I don't need a costume for that. I'd like to dress up as a sexy character,though, like a playboy bunny or a gypsy. Any ideas?           

Been Very Horny Lately? So have I

I have been very horny lately. Of course, guys, that morning wood can be annoying if there is nobody there to "knock on it". Anyway, for those who have nobody in their bed and would like to call and jack off with me, it would be an awesome experience. Cum on now, how much would you like to suck my cock? I'm jerking off right now thinking about your hot lips sizzling around it.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hi again!    I've been keeping pretty busy. I do love my late night callers. That is the best     time to call. I'm looking through hot and sexy pics of woman, man, and tran.  I am             usually  very horny at this time and a most of thrse times, I jerk off and inhale my              popper. That  gets me good and ready to slip a finger or two up my ass and then grab a dildo, a pretty decent sized one.  I insert it in myself after sucking and getting it wet. I       have purcased some new toys  from some reasonable places. They come in handy          when I am jerking my cock with one  hand and pumping my pussy(a-hole) with the          other                                                                                                                                                             

FREE HAND TIME!   That is when I am not on the phone trying to hold it with my ear.       The   good part is hearing you guys' sexy voices and I can pretend YOU are fucking              me.   SO
Remember my website which has ways to contact me and more pics, including my            cock pics for sale and video of me stroking it, etc.  Breanne's Site   You can also call me on the phone by dialing my direct line ad extension: 1-800-863-6478 ext. 03-68-388-3                                   

Of course , I'd love to play with you and make you explode! I would rim your ass with my fingers 

and give you little ass teases and pokes. Then take that tongue
and lick my way up your tight hole and head butt it with my "helmet" head until I stick it all the way in and score!