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My name is Breanne. I love to chat on the phone with very interesting people because I am very interesting lady(unique physical feature wise). I am a playful phone princess who loves to play on the phone with funloving people,those with dreams and fantasies,or ones who just want to chat. For those who know who I am,I am blogging to touch base with my callers and keep them updated on anything new or exciting in my life. For those who don't know me, you can check me out at my homepage. FYI, I love being pampered and spoiled by men who love to be suckered and used little sissies. On the other hand, I love chatting to form friendships or phone pals with regular men that are lonely, single, married, or just curious about being with a shemale. I'll chat with you, answer any questions, listen to any fantasies of yours and even roleplay them. HOWEVER, I do not meet someone online in person that I don't know just because they seek a real live encounter. I'm not for that. There are plenty of Tranny call girl sites and this is not one of them. Please don't ask. I don't know you and you don't know me. It takes a lot of time to get to know someone,especially over the phone.

Welcome To My Blog

My name is Breanne. I have created a blog to post new things in my life that I would like to share, whether it is something exciting that happened to me, new Pics that I have added to My Flirt Store, even some hot erotic stories that I plan to add their too.

For those of you who have spoken to me on the phone through NF, then you know I am a kinky Shemale. My listings tell in detail what I am into. It's all gooood and it's all fun! A lot of my callers are very exciting to me and we have some hot and heavy role plays.I also would like to randomly post any feelings or challenges I my have in my life, sort of like a diary, but a public one for all my hotties to see.


Monday, November 28, 2016

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Greedy So Called Friends-Give someone an Inch, They'll take a mile

I have some down right user friends in the past, but nothing tops this one, who I will address as Ms.C. Ms. C and I were actually good friends until I started to get spoiled by a slave on NF. She wasn't even on NF and looked down upon it. See, she has a husband who had a good job at the time and she got SSD that she claims for memory loss but in actuality she has a selective memory. She had a lot of nice things, brand new STATE OF THE ART on everything like plasma tv's, computers, washer dryers, fridge, etc. All paid for by her hard working husband because she didn't work. Yet, she had the nerve to say her family was jealous of HER and always put her on a pedestal. They knew her husband brought home the bacon, not her...Not only did she take the credit for that hard working man, she put down others....and....she fucked around on him at least 3 times. The 2nd time, she was sweating whether or not her husband was her baby's father. Let's get back to Niteflirt. I had a slave buy me so much stuff off of Amazon one year,that I really couldn't think of anymore to add at the moment. This slave wanted me to add more stuff fast, and I already got a lot. Sooo, I decided to ask my good friend at the time, Ms. C, who wasn't even on NF or familiar with Amazon to just look on Amazon.com and I will add some gifts she wants to my wishlist. BIG MISTAKE!!!! WORST MISTAKE I HAVE EVER DONE!................................. I managed to get a few gifts for MS. C, including a very expensive treadmill. Well, my slave's card was maxed and he couldn't buy anymore. The stuff my slave got me, Ms. C already had, like a washer and dryer. Ms. C got mad that he couldn't buy anymore gifts because he had bought me so many, WHat nerve! HE WAS MY CUSTOMER. She would make rude comments about me adding more stuff to my wishlist. I told her that I was up all night long "working for the gifts I got" and she would say "since I didn't stay up all night means I don't deserve these gifts??"(What, I'm working for YOU now too like your husband while YoU sit in your fat ass!)......................................... She was making it seem like she wanted me to give her half my gifts in which she already has by her hardworking husband. She needed to appreciate what she got!!! the treadmill and other stuff, like ipods for her kids....for FREEE because of me. SHe was a computer Amazon .Niteflirt IDIOT and gifts just landed in her lap and she fucking wanted more and more, and for me to stay up all night with my slave on the computer texting to get them. I told her that she needs to join NF and I will share my slave with her. That is the least I can do after everything I have done. So she joins and it is hush hush, She thinks she is royalty, If her family ever found out............................... After I get MS. C a FREE state of the art treadmill, she promised to sell me her old one. She should have GIVEN it to me. Not only did she not do that, but she raises the price on it at the last minute. I had just gone to the ATM too and she said that she can't bring it over. People at her yard sale were making her a better offer when they saw it "reserved" for me. HOW DARE HER! That is one greedy bitch. She thinks she's better than everyone else. Her sisters and her mom was going to throw her a baby shower when she was pregnant with her little girl. When someone throws a shower, they plan it. Well, C would not have it!, She bitched about the place being too small, the food, decorations, etc. Finally, the sisters and mom said, "forget it" and took everything back and called her a spoiled brat to boot.....(Hit the nail on the head!!!!!).So, C threw her own shower and then made a comment about ME sitting by her at the table while she opened her gifts, like why should I have that privilege?. HOW dare her! Who does she think she is? Acting High and Mighty when Rick, her husband, may not even be the father of that baby and he doesn't even know it!!!!............Hillbilly whore she is nothing but!................... SHe also met a guy off of Niteflirt, bought sexy lingerie, went to the beach, and fucked him. Her husband was suspicious, but she lied her way out of it................. She's jealous of anyone who does better than her or makes more money AND PUTS THEM DOWN, SPINS IT, AND SAYS THEY ARE JEALOUS OF HER, AND FOR FUCKING WHAT???? for FUCKING WHAT? BEING SWEET??? MY ASS!. Ms. C puts all her friends down behind their backs, even her kid's friends, then kisses their asses in person. Biggest 2 face. She's the biggest wannabe phony, drives Infinity, yet steals from "Toys for Tots".......................... She needs to take responsibility and come clean to her affairs because more people know about them then she's aware of, then what she's bragged. It's sad that, the husband is always the last to know, and she'll just lie to cover her ass. That meal ticket is golden. She aint going to let that go.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Masturbation May!

May Is Niteflirt's Masturbation Month. Everybody get their  hard cocks out and join me. We can stroke them and get off together!!! 
                                                I love May!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloweener!

Yes it is when you are that small....but you will
be brought to your knees in front of a much bigger cock than that with Breanne's meat pole...

so, are you a lil pickle dick or a big long hunk of delicious sausage like myself? Either way, I'd love to talk to you about it. I am sure you wouldn't mind sharing..

I hope you had a Happy Halloweener. Why don't we have a hard and happy weener together? We will smash our pumpin peckers together baby....cause I am horny!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Panty Boys

Do you think you make a pretty girl?
Do you have a fascination with Panties? Love the feel of the softness on your cock? The way it makes you feel sooo sexy!Photo Hostess I am sure you make a good Panty slave, do you?

I'm sure you would make the perfect Bitch Boy, like these sexy one's belowPhoto Hostess

Can you be a good Sissy Bitch? Here are samples of a lot of hot ass bitches!
Photo Hostess   Photo Hostess   Photo Hostess

Photo Hostess
The Panty Princess (August 4, 2011)

Now this is a horny sissy that loves being your pantie princess. He'll do anything you want! 

Photo HostessThe Butterfly (8/25/11)     

Seeing this Pantie Boyz cock hidden inside these panties really gave me butterlies in my stomach! 

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Photo Hostess Random Pantyboy Galleries

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

For Sissy boys or sissy slaves

Attention Sissy Slaves!
Do you like to dress up as a slut and have a Tranny like me give you a good fucking? Or maybe you have a small penis that resembles a clit so that you would look sexier as a woman getting fucked...

Photo Hostess
There are many hot outfits for your sexy ass!

Need to be trained as an obedient little sissy slut?